GY216/GY218 Drum Wood Chipper
GY216/GY218 Drum Wood Chipper Price

GY216/GY218 Drum Wood Chipper

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Drum Wood Chipper For Sale

1- Drum Wood Chipper: It also can be used to cut non-wood raw materials (such as sugarcane, reed, bamboo, etc.). After cutting, the raw material becomes the small wood chip of a certain specification, which can be used as the raw material of chipboard, medium density board, fiber board and so on.
2- Application Materials: Processing residual materials (such as branches, branches, sheet, slats, round wood core, waste veneer, waste wood, etc.)
3- Power: 55kw-110kw | Capacity: 5-10t/h

Items GY-216 GY-218
Feeding port size 230*590mm 300*780mm
Fuel types Motor Motor
Blade quantity 2 pieces 2 pieces
Blade roller speed 590r/min 650r/min
Outcome size 7cm 7cm
Capacity: 5--7t/h 8--10t/h
Main motor power 4-55kw 4-110kw
Feed motor power (3-4)*2kw (4--5.5)*2kw
Oil pump motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Conveyor motor power 3kw 4kw
Weight 5t 7 ton
Dimensions: L*W*H (mm) 2600 *1500*1350mm 3200*2500*1600mm

Mobile Wood Chipper For Sale

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Working Principle of Drum Wood Chipper

· Working principle: the wood is fed by the feed inlet. When the wood touches the cutting blade, it will be cut by the high-speed rotation of the cutting disc. The wood is sent out by the high-speed steam flow generated by the blades of the cutting disc in the cutting room.
· Structure composition: drum chipper consists of body, cutter roller, upper and lower feeding mechanism, feeding device, hydraulic system and other parts.
· Its frame is welded with high strength steel plate, which is the supporting foundation of the whole drum chipper.
· Two sets of flying knives are installed on the cutter roll, and they are fixed on the cutter roll through the pressure block with specially manufactured bolt.
· According to the different thickness of the cutting material, the upper feeding roller assembly can float up and down within a certain range by means of hydraulic system.
· Cut down the qualified sheet through the screen hole through the bottom discharge, large sheet will be cut in the machine.
· Drum chipper hydraulic system: from hand oil pump to oil cylinder, can start the housing, easy to change the blade, when maintenance can lift up feed roller assembly, easy to adjust the fly blade, the clearance of the bottom knife and the disassembly of the comb plate.

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