Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling
Copper aluminum recycling
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  • copper aluminum sorting

Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling

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Copper aluminum radiator recycling

Copper aluminum radiator recycling includes the process of shredding, crushing and sorting. Guoyu has developed a set of fully automatic new copper-aluminum radiator recycling line with environmental protection. The recycling line has a lower metal loss than the processing technology of European and American countries. It minimizes the number of times the material is broken and ensures that the material is separated in a good state, thereby reducing the generation of metal powder and dust to improve recycling efficiency and value.

Equipment: crushing system, conveying system, sorting system


ØFull automation

ØCopper and aluminum separation purity 99%

ØEnvironmental protection

ØLow noise


The disassembled copper and aluminum radiators from air conditioners and vehicles are recycled and sorted out of copper, iron and aluminum.



1. The first shredder adopts two-axis pair-roller design. It has low noise and high torque, and can shred large volume radiators. The blade is alloy steel, which is made by special process and has long service life.

2. The second crusher adopts high-speed hammer crushing, which has strong crushing ability, and can easily crush thicker iron and stainless steel frames. Long life (compared to other companies using shear crushing, unable to crush iron materials)

3. Full automation, requiring only 2-3 operators during the whole process (compared to the old technology used by other enterprises, it requires more operators)

4. The adopt of two-steps specific gravity sorting has improved the sorting accuracy. The purity of the selected copper, aluminum and iron is 99%.

5.The treatment process is closed and equipped with a dust collection system to effectively control dust overflow, super environment protection.



The material (copper aluminum radiator) is firstly shredded by the first shredder, and then crushed into about 3 cm by the second crusher. The iron will be separated through magnetic separator, and then the copper and aluminum are separated by two-steps specific gravity sorting machine.




1) Shredder for copper aluminum radiator recycling line

Shredder adopts two-axis pair-roller design. It has low noise, high torque, and can shred or crush large-volume radiators. Shredder blades are made of alloy tool steel and copper-aluminum radiator crushing and sorting line is made by special process.



2) Crusher for copper aluminum radiator recycling line

This copper aluminum crusher belongs to the VSC vertical crusher series, which has high output efficiency compared with other types of crushers. It is widely used in the field of high hardness, irregular materials and fine crushing, especially in the crushing of non-ferrous metal recycling. Non-ferrous metals can be divided into heavy metals (such as copper, lead, zinc), light metals (such as aluminum, magnesium), precious metals (such as gold, silver, platinum) and rare metals (such as tungsten, molybdenum, germanium, lithium, lanthanum, uranium).

-to meet different requirements of particle size

The particle size of the vertical crusher can be adjusted arbitrarily without being affected by the abrasion of the hammer head and the lining plate.

-to removal of difficult materials which cant be broken

The non-sieve bar setting ensures the removal of difficult materials smoothly without causing equipment damage.

-one crusher in different field use

Besides the cooper and aluminum radiator crushing, this crusher is also available for materials such as: motor housings, rotors, aluminum parts, bottle caps, briquettes, plastics, etc.


3)  Magnetic separator

To separator the iron after crushing. 


4) Specific gravity sorting machine in recycling line

The use of two-pole specific gravity sorting improves the sorting accuracy. The sorted copper, copper and aluminum radiator crushing and sorting line manufacturers, the purity of aluminum and iron is> 99%. The treatment process is closed and equipped with a dust collection system to effectively control dust overflow.



Technical service


1. According to customer requirements, guide the configuration of suitable models (also can be customized);

2. Provide relevant technical information such as equipment list, layout drawing, civil engineering foundation drawing, equipment installation drawing for reference;

3. Send technical engineers to the customer's site to plan the layout, design and installation process and scheme;

On sale:

1. Strict production in accordance with relevant technical standards;

2. Test the machine in accordance with the relevant provisions of the equipment test machine;

3. Strict inspection before the equipment leaves the factory;

4. Ship on time according to the contract.

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