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 With 40 mm-120 mm Output Size Industrial Scrap Metal Crusher Machine




Introduction of Metal Crusher


The scrap steel crushing line is designed for the processing of scrap car bodies, tinplate, discarded appliances, bicycles, refrigerators, steel tile, metal cans and other metal scrap. This line has the features of high grinding efficiency, uniform discharging particles with lumpy shapes. It is easy to transport, also enhance the dissolution rate. Scrap steel crusher is driven by geared motor which is power saving 20%. The blades of the scrap steel crusher adopts intermeshing design and made of high-alloy which has good effect on high hardness materials such as unsorted mixed low quality scrap metal and scrap cars, briquettes, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.Scrap crusher is mainly used in crushing large pieces of scrap, scrap metal, iron metal, metal, scrap metal metal shell and light metal and other materials of large scrap metal crusher environmental protection equipment. Large as a high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise recovery processing equipment, the large scrap crusher can be based on the material material, characteristics, as well as the output requirements, optional blade structure and feeding.








Scrap Metal Crusher Machine Specification


Model Feed opening size (mm) Motor power (KW) Output size (mm)



Overall dimension (mm)
SC1280 1200 75-110 40-120 1.5-3 3200*2100*3300
SC1210 1200 110-200 40-120 3-5 4800*2100*3300
SC1014 1200 110-200 40-120 3--5 2400*1900*2100
SC1214 1200 200-315 40-120 4-6 2400*2300*2100
SC1415 1400 200-500 40-120 5-8 2800*2600*2900
SC1680 1600 132-200 40-120 3--5 2800*2600*3800
SC1690 1600 260-400 50-200 5-8 2900*2600*4000
SC1614 1600 315-500 50-160 6--10 2900*2700*2300
SC1815 1800 400-500 50-200 8--12 2600*3200*2300



Metal Crusher Configuration structure


Scrap crusher is mainly equipped with: crusher, heavy shredders, conveyor belt, magnetic separator, motor, electric control box, dust removal equipment and other ancillary equipment. Equipment using fully automated production, to achieve the intelligent production, improve production yield and efficiency.





Metal Crusher Working Principle


The working principle of the scrap crusher is the process of sorting metal and scrap metal material by shredding the scrap metal material and then the secondary crushing and magnetic separator. The large-scale scrap crusher is cut by the high-speed rotating tool. The smaller diameter of the screen will be a one-time material broken to smaller size particles, usually used as a secondary crushing equipment. Compact design, save space, tilt up and down the box, easy to replace the blade, high safety factor bearings, to reduce the use of improper damage caused by the probability of bearing, roller and chassis as a whole to ensure that between the knife and set knife The shear gap accuracy. Scrap production line with high strength, good toughness, easy to break and wear and other characteristics, in the work to ensure a sharp blade, disassembly, maintenance, maintenance, very convenient.



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