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Tire Recycling Solution

This is a solution of waste tire recycling milling process. Our solution is mainly used for shredding and grinding tires, wire tires, steel wire tires (radial tires), and various waste rubber products or scrap, making it a rubber powder, and achieving the required degree of fineness (mesh).

tire recycle application

How to Recycle the Waste Tire?

Waste tire
→ Tire wire drawing machine(to sort the rubber tire and wire) Click to See Video
→ Tire shredder GY01 (to shred the rubber tire into small pieces 3-10cm) Click to See Video
→ Tire shredder GY02 (to shred the rubber tire into small pieces 5-15cm) Click to See Video
→ Two-level crushing (to crush/granulate into the small tire pallet)
→ Three-level granulating (to granulate into the tiny tire pallet) Click to See Video
→ Fiber separator (to sort the rubber tire and fiber)
→ Rubber mill machine(to grind the tiny tire pellet into powder) Click to See Video
→ Screening machine(to sort the finished product)
→ Silo
→ Finished product packing machine


How to Choose a Proper Tire Shredder for Your Tire Recycling Line?

Tire shredder is widely used in recycling tire, which can shred the tire into 3-10cm. The internal knife roller of tire shredder is basically divided into four types according to the actual production demands and specific shredding requirements. We have both double shaft shredder and four shaft shredder available for your business. The following models of tire shredders are all available. We will help to choose a proper tire shredder to meet your different requirement.

Working Principle

A set of tire shredder production line deals with waste tire and waste miscellaneous rubber at room temperature, the equipment is equipped with water and wind cooling system, micro-dust removal device, atomizing spray system. Besides, independent dedusting and fiber removing equipment can be added according to user’s specific materials.

Tire Shredder For Sale

How to Choose the Proper Blade of Tire Shredder?

Different blades structure is adopted according to the requirements of materials and finished products. The proper shaft and shear will also be equipped. We will help you to choose a proper blade of tire shredder to meet your different requirement from the below.

  • Integrated structure

  • Assembly structure

  • SW type structure

  • VZ type structure

  • Pineapple type structure

  • SPR type structure

Do You Still Want to Learn Shredding Solution for Other Materials?

The proper shaft and shear will be equipped into industrial shredder according to different materials. Metal? Timber? Glass? Plastic? Organic? Biomass? Paper? Textile? E-waste? Cable? Foam? Or others? We always have the best solution for your business and materials. There is nothing we can't shred.

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