How to choose sawdust machine model

How to choose sawdust machine model

2017-12-15 14:25:19

For the first time to buy sawdust machine users, the most important thing is the selection of equipment. As long as you choose the suitable equipment, you can be satisfied with the production requirements. The key is how to pick the suitable sawdust machine. In fact, you need to master the skills instead of choosing it casually. You can choose from these aspects:

Material fineness

Sawdust machines have certain constraints on the size of the material. The average feeding diameter of the small sawdust machine is 20cm. If this standard is exceeded, larger sawdust machines need to be selected. If the output value is not high, it will be hard to choose the best one.

Power size

The type of machine is different, the power is different. The greater the type, the greater the power. You can combine with the constraints of materials and output requirements to select the appropriate power of sawdust machine products.

Other elements

It mainly contains the funding requirements, site requirements and the quantity of qualified materials. If the funding and the place is relatively small, the material is not too many, you’d better select a relatively small type of sawdust machine, on the contrary you can choose the type of large equipment.

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